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life signs and butterflies
lizzie letter
Ugh, I spent all day staring at my computer screen... My eyes are so dry I can feel the inside of my lids stick to my eyeballs when I blink.

Is there anything more maddeningly stupid than local news and tv ads? I've come to the conclusion that the only thing keeping my brains alive is listening to BBC4 podcasts. There's simply no other explanation. At the moment, my favourites are "Open Book" (with the deliciously named Mariella Frostrup), "Thinking Allowed", and "In Our Time".

Nothing on telly tonight except an episode of The Tudors season 2, which I'll DVR and might watch at some point. IF I ever manage to go through season 1. One teeny tiny problem: I tried watching the first episode of the series, but had to stop because Jonathan Rhys Meyers made me want to punch something. Seriously, I know Henry has a reputation for being a rather temperamental fellow, but is it really necessary to convey this by CONSTANTLY SHOUTING AND BEHAVING LIKE A COMPLETE LUNATIC? (Hmmm, maybe I could just skip his scenes?)

A few blocks from my apartment, there's a fairly chic consignment shop. It's on the ground floor of a lovely old house, and the resident cat welcomes patrons and will occasionally follow them into the changing rooms. The atmosphere is very feminine: flowers, lace, soft colours everywhere. It's so not my kind of place, yet I love it! You see, I don't do "pretty". Or "girly" either. I had short hair for most of my childhood, rarely got to wear dresses/skirts, and, since I'm cursed with a unisex name, was frequently mistaken for a boy. Let's just say it had a lingering effect... Working from home hasn't helped either; my wardrobe consists of jeans and t-shirts or knitted sweaters. Because I'm quite short, people often think I'm a teenager, but then notice my face and get this thoroughly confused look in their eyes. (It's entertaining for a bit, but still...) Well, enough! Tomorrow I shall screw up my courage, walk into this shop, and purchase pretty clothes! Clothes that say "I am a grown-up woman with taste and originality, take me seriously!" (Yeah, good luck with that, shorty.)

But anyway: yay, more friends! Thanks, elspethsheir and chelseagirl !

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