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Operation "Make Me Look Like a Grownup" (MMLLG) was almost a bust: 1 dark green long-sleeved t-shirt, 1 skirt and 1 navy blue "pinstripe" dress at the shop I mentioned. *sigh* There's another shop nearby called "Friperie Chic" (literally "Chic Second-Hand Clothing Shop") where I tried on a dozen pieces of clothing that DIDN'T FIT. Argh! BUT there was a lovely blouse that DID fit!

I visited a thrift shop on my way to the grocery store Friday during lunchtime. Too many people around (including a lady who asked me "Do you think these slippers are cute?" I... don't... care...?) Saw some very nice cups and an incomplete set of dishes, so I might go back on Monday to have a better look at them and at the clothing.

There was a horrible downpour with howling wind and rain lashing the windows all day yesterday. Perfect ambiance for Halloween! I spent a few hours scrubbing my sadly-neglected bathroom and kitchen, then vacuumed the living room carpet (that was SCARY!). I briefly considered making pumpkin cupcakes, but remembered just in time that I was cutting back on sugar. Phew, that was close! Instead I watched Sleepy Hollow (the Tim Burton version) and went to bed early.

Today we had gorgeous sunny weather, if a bit windy. I somehow found the courage to braid my hair and go out in public without wearing a hat or anything! It doesn't sound like a big deal, but it is to me!

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