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nerd power
A few years ago, when the specialized channel called Historia first came on air and broadcast contents that had something to do with history (unlike its more recent programming, which includes episodes of JAG and NCIS — I mean, WTF???), I remember coming across a strange and puzzling sight. Filmed in black and white, a man wearing thick-rimmed spectacles and slicked-back hair sat at a table and addressed the camera directly, gesturing copiously and at times leaning forward emphatically. He spoke of well-known figures such as Napoleon and Joan of Arc in a way that was absolutely compelling. This veritable embodiment of geekness was historian Henri Guillemin.

Sadly, his series of televised conferences were soon replaced by what programmers probably considered more "accessible" shows, and I was left to shake my head in dismay at this flood of irrelevant drivel.

Last week, while changing channels, I happened to catch a glimpse of Canal Savoir. There, on my screen, was the man himself!

I could hardly believe my eyes! My faith in humanity was restored, at least for a few minutes.

But silly me, I should have thought of it: some of his programmes are online here and here. If only I'd known before...
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