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moving day
I have thought long and hard, and finally determined that persisting in keeping several different blogs to write about my various interests would accomplish nothing more than scattering my energies (in addition to my not-too-plentiful braincells).

And so, effective immediately, you'll find my photos, book comments, rants, obsessions and imaginings at the following address:

It will be my very great pleasure to welcome you for a cup of tea, a plateful of freshly-baked scones and a cosy chat in my new home. Just make sure you don't brush against the mouldings, I'm afraid the paint is still wet.

Please be warned: due to my hopelessly mercurial nature (and to the extensive free customization possible on Blogger), the wallpaper may undergo frequent changes and the furniture may be moved at any time. I may also sometimes post in French, if the occasion warrants it.

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